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tonight at Zwan

April 7, 2003
The Tabernacle, Atlanta

Woke NK up from her nap at about 7pm when it was time to get ready to go to the show- she was grumpy because she was groggy and PMSing, but I got her up and we left to pick up timbo. We got there around 8 as The Children's Hour was starting. pretty boring set.

Zwan started at about 9, opening with 'Jesus, I' - which was incredible- almost like they were opening where the pumpkins left off. very soft for several minutes, then bombastically loud as Jimmy started hitting things, and they noodled with the song through probably 10 minutes- rather than carrying it into 'Mary Star of the Sea', they instead merged it into 'God's Gonna Set this world on Fire', and merged that into a really fast, loud song that i didn't recognize. An incredibly awsome, over-indulgant opening. They played 'Declartions of Faith' next, and it might have been 'Honestly' after that- I can't remember the order for the rest of the set, but here's the list of the songs i can remember....

Jesus, I
God's Gonna Set This World on Fire
Declartions of Faith
Ride a Black Swan
Mary Star of the Sea
Endless Summer
Of a Broken Heart
Settle Down
Spilled Milk.

the other highlights of the set were Yeah! [blew the studio verson away], Mary Star of the Sea and Of a Broken Heart [two of my favorites], and Lyric was incredible. Each song bursting with joy or sadness, to an extent that i can't remember ever recall experiencing at a concert. Ending with Spilled milk reminded me of live versions of GeekUSA or Silverfuck, or Radio Will Save Your Soul from the Adore tour- i think the strobe lights put me into a trance and made me forget how much i was sweating.
Overall, Jimmy's drumming was unbelievable, and watching Paz made me wet.

Hearing 'Desire' (my other favortie) live was awsome, but it didn't sound quite as full as i'd imagined it would, and I was dissapointed that they didn't play 'El Sol'.
And I would have loved to hear Shining Path, but didn't, and didn't really expect to.

anyway, great concert. the last show i probably need to see for a while.
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