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Pumpkins Related Sell/Trade Off [Number 1 of ?]

Hello everyone;

I have been collecting Smashing Pumpkins merchandise for quite a while, and wish to get rid of a lot of my collection. Why am I doing this? Well, let's just say that I am a poor college student, living in an apartment with little room. While there isn't anything super dooper rare here, no tristessa test pressings for example. I do hope that you will find some gems included that will spark your fancy. I can describe any item and offer photos if necessary (ahh the wonders of modern technology). Take a look behind the cuts, and let me know if you're interested. You can either comment here, or email me here. Right now I'm accepting reasonable offers on all items. Mainly I'm looking to sell them, but if you do have things you're willing to trade, that's ok too. Please email with the list of items you're willing to trade, that way we'll take up less time. I'll edit this entry with SOLD/SPOKENFOR when appropriate. Enjoy.

Cassette Tapes:
-Ava Adore UK Import Single (sealed)
-First Generation - Virgin XXV Years US Promotional (2 tapes) (Ezee Tape-To-Tape) (Cherub Rock)
-Gish UK Import
-Lull UK Import Single (sealed)
-NME Brat Pack '94 UK Import (Cherub Rock)
-No Alternative (Arista Records) (Boy On Cover)
-Pisces Iscariot US Promotional (Ezee Tape-To-Tape)
-Tonight Tonight UK Import Single

Compact Discs:
-1979 US Promo
-1979 Holland Import Single (6 Track)
-1991-1998 US Promo (18 Tracks)
-1997 Grammy Nominees US (1979)
-A Very Special Christmas 3 US (Christmastime)
-Adore UK Import
-Adore Japanese Import Sealed (extra track) (2 copies)
-Afternoon Delight US Subpop Compilation (La Dolly Vita) (4 copies)
-Ava Adore US Promo (3 Tracks) (call out hook)-Ava Adore Australian Import Single (3 Tracks)
-Ava Adore UK/EU Import Single (2 Tracks) (card sleeve)
-Ava Adore UK Import Single (3 tracks) (made in england sticker)
-Ava Adore Japanese Import Single Sealed (3 tracks)
-Batman & Robin Japanese Import (with OBI)
-Be Strong Now US Promo (call-out hook) (James Iha)
-Be Strong Now UK Import Single (card sleeve) (James Iha)
-Bullet With Butterfly Wings US Promo
-Bullet With Butterfly Wings UK Import Single
-Bullet With Butterfly Wings US Single (TAFH Edition - 7 Tracks)
-Certain Damage Volume 35 (Siva)
-Cherub Rock UK Import Single (3 Tracks)
-Depeche Mode Tribute 'For The Masses' (Never Let Me Down Again)
-Disarm UK Import Single (Heart)
-Earphoria US Promo (original '94 edition - DPRO-12694)
-Earphoria US Promo (bootleg '94)
-First Generation - Virgin XXV Years 2CD US Promo (promo-cut) (Cherub Rock)
-Gish UK Import Remastered (sealed)
-Gish Japanese Import (sealed)
-I Am One UK Import Single
-It Stands For All US Compilation (We Only Come Out At Night)
-Launch Number 5 (BWBW)
-Lull UK Import Single (Caroline)
-Lull US Single (HUT)
-Machina US
-Machina US Sealed (2 copies)
-Machina & Still Becoming Apart US Sealed (Best Buy)
-Mellon Collie & The Infinite Sadness Australian Import (thin case) (unique book)
-Mellon Collie & The Infinite Sadness Holland Import (thin case) (unique book)
-Muzzle US Promo
-No Alternative US Compilation (Boy On Cover) (07822-18737-2)
-No Alternative US Compilation (Boy On Cover) (ARCD 8737)
-No Alternative US Compilation (Girl On Cover) (BMG Edition)
-Perfect US Promo (call out hook)
-Perfect US Single
-Perfect US Single (sealed)
-Perfect Australian Import Single (3 Tracks)
-Perfect UK Import Single (HUTDX 106)
-Perfect UK Import Single (HUTCD 106)
-Pisces Iscariot Holland Import (Made In Holland Imprinted On CD)
-Ric Ocasek Troublizing US (Corgan Produced) (sealed) (promo hole)
-Rocket US Promo
-Rotten Apples UK Import Promo (card sleeve)
-Siamese Dream UK Import Promo (5 Tracks)
-Smell The Fuzz Guitars That Rule The World (Ascendo) (sealed)
-Smell The Fuzz Guitars That Rule The World (Ascendo) (BMG Edition)
-Stand Inside Your Love US Promo Single (card sleeve)
-Stand Inside Your Love UK Import Single
-Sweet Relief II - Gravity Of The Situation US (Sad Peter Pan)
-The End Is The Beginning Is The End Australian Import Single (4 Tracks) (card sleeve)
-The End Is The Beginning Is The End UK Import Single (4 Tracks)
-The End Is The Beginning Is The End UK Import Remixes (5 Tracks)
-The Smashing Pumpkins US Promo Sampler (7 Tracks - Machina Era) (3 copies)
-The Aeroplane Flies High US Promo (4 Tracks)
-The Aeroplane Flies High US Promo (12 Tracks)
-Thirty Three US Promo
-Thirty Three UK Import Single #1 of 2 (4 tracks) [typo: The Aeroplane Flies High (Looks Left, Turns Right)]
-Today US Promo Single (1 track)
-Today Japanese Import Single Sealed (5 tracks) (2 copies)
-Tonight Tonight US Promo Single
-Tonight Tonight US Single (4 tracks)
-Tonight Tonight UK Import Single #1 of 2 (peach sticker)
-Tonight Tonight UK Import Single #2 of 3 (green sticker)
-Tonight Tonight Japanese Import Single Sealed (7 tracks) (2 copies)
-UpClose MediaAmerica Radio (9842) (Press Sheets Included)
-UpClose MediaAmerica Radio (9610) (Press Sheets Included)
-Zero US Promo
-Zero Holland Import Single (7 Track - Sealed)
-Zero US Single (7 Tracks)
-Zwan Honestly German Promo (with promotional product information sheet)
-Zwan Honestly Single (3 tracks)
-Zwan In-Store Promo Sampler (5 Tracks)

Bootleg CDs:
This section will be expanded by a later post, these listed are not commercial bootlegs. They are CD-Rs I recieved through a trade many years back. I'm not exactly sure what the sources are for them, I'm in the process of hunting down that information for my own purposes. If you are interested in that sort of thing and would like to know first, I can email you when I find out. Tracklistings are available for these shows, and the fillers used on the discs.

-April 14th 1999 (2 CDs) (2 copies)
-April 15th 1999 (2 CDs) (2 copies)
-April 17th 1999 (2 CDs)

-1988-2000 Promotional VHS Trailer (point360 - Virgin Records)
-Rockpalast VHS (German TV Concert - April 7th 1996)
-Smashing Pumpkins [Munich Germany @ Nachtwerk (pro-shot) Feb. 21st 1994]
-Tower Records Promotional DVD (Untitled) (cardsleeve)
-Zwan Honestly Promotional VHS (ADS-Reprise Records)

-1979 Promo Card
-Adore Promo Postcards (18 copies)
-Drown (Singles Soundtrack) Magazine Promo Page
-Gish UK Postcard
-Jim Stapleton Book (cd sized)
-Lollapalooza '94 - Screaming Buddha Green Promo Sheet
-Machina MTV TRL Promo Sheet (4 copies)
-MCIS Promo Sticker (girl&star peeloff)
-MCIS Promo WindowCling
-Pisces Iscariot Magazine Promo Page
-Foreign Machina Tour Promo Postcard
-Siamese Dream Magazine Promo Page
-Smashing Pumpkins/Fountains Of Wayne Feb. 5th 1997 Arminski Handbills (4 copies)
-Smashing Pumpkins Gish Era UK Postcard
-Smashing Pumpkins SP Heart Patch (2 copies)
-Smashing Pumpkins Red Star White Text Patch
-Smashing Pumpkins White Star Red Text Patch
-Unused Promotional Condom (KROQ-MCIS Tour)

Non Pumpkins Related
-BB King Deuces Wild Postcard
-Beck Mutations Medium Size Promo Card
-Korn Follow The Leader WindowClings (2 copies)
-Marilyn Manson Mechanical Animals Postcard (2 copies)
-Nirvana Heart Shaped Box French Import Single (3 Tracks)
-The Frogs Starjob Promo Stickers (5 copies)

That's it for now. However I will more than likely be posting another for_sale/trade post in a few weeks. I have another box of commerical bootleg CDs to go through.

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hi do you still have the gish uk import cassette?